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Goals for 2018

Well, I guess it is important to keep making goals, even into retirement. And I have a few. The most important goal? Create the future us. As my retirement date quickly approaches, Lorraine and I will be pursuing a new chapter of life, the best time of our lives. We have a chance to follow […]

And The Winner?

We bought a 2018 Lincoln MKX Reserve as our toad for our coach. Cash deal on the coldest evening of this brutally cold winter. A bit easier to negotiate a good deal on a vehicle at this time of year. Very few people out car shopping immediately after Christmas. And, since most Canadians are locked […]

A New Toad

Getting closer to that time where we need to get our toad. Although many cars can be towed behind a coach with four wheels down, there are a limited number of vehicles where the manufacturer approves flat towing. There are guides published each year by the FMCA and Motorhome Magazine. We have decided to tow […]

Top 100 RV Blogs

Just in case some of my friends in the United States have never seen a Canadian hundred-dollar note. Canadians generally do not carry large bills. The hundred-dollar note is the highest-valued and least-circulated note in Canada. Perhaps a Feedspot with the title “Top 100 RV Blogs Every RV or Motorhome Travel Enthusiast Must Follow” is […]


Another glorious Canadian winter. And, as I write this post, in our hometown, we are colder than the North Pole. The brutal cold is a big reason why so many Canadians go south in the winter in their retirement years. I am hoping that U.S. lawmakers will pass H.R. 3513, the Canadian Snowbird Visa Act. […]