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Moved In (Almost)

What a day! We’ve been at it since 6am and we are calling it a night. Here is what the move looked like after we had everything packed up and ready to go. 22 boxes. Computers, consoles, guitars, pedals, cameras, a bike and a bike trainer were also part of the move. When I looked […]


Sticks and bricks (house)? Gone for the time being. Part-time or full-time in the motorcoach? Full-time for the next while. Possibly for the next two years. And we’ll see how much fun we are having. The nice thing about being retired is that we can always change our mind. Moving day into our coach? Tomorrow. […]

Nexus Part 2

We love visiting Upper Canada Village. And, since we likely won’t be back to this area for some time, we decided to make the trip after getting our Nexus records updated at the enrolment centre in Lansdowne, Ontario. Upper Canada Village, located near Morrisburg, Ontario, is a walk back in time to a simpler life […]


Nexus cards help to speed up the process of travel, particularly air travel. For a Canadian, the Nexus card provides pre-clearance for customs and can act as a proxy for a passport although we still carry passports with us when we travel. To keep the Nexus card in good standing, a Nexus member is required […]

Travel Plans

We have firmed up our travel plans for our trip south. It begins with the leg from Canada down to Florida. We are moving down the eastern U.S. at a fairly good clip largely because of weather. We leave Canada on November 1st and we are taking six days to do the drive. We will […]