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Washing Our Coach

Lorraine knows this better than anyone. I like things neat and tidy. Whenever we travel, whether it is in the car or in the coach, clean is good. Especially the windshield. But preferably the entire vehicle. And I am also fussy — in case that wasn’t clear yet — about the products I use on […]

RV Parks Attract Criminals?

I guess it depends on whether you think the people in the RV park are criminals or whether the type of RV park, such as the one pictured above, might attract criminals to commit a break and enter in such an upscale setting. I came across this article on the web where a proposal for […]

The Retirement Puzzle

Someone asked me how I felt when I handed in my retirement notice. Well, it felt a lot like I was quitting. I suppose putting in a retirement notice is similar to quitting. Except that there is no next job on the horizon. And, because I presently serve as a senior executive in an Insurance […]

Done Working (Almost)

I have a shirt that I purchased from this store, dunworkin, in 2016. I’ve never worn the shirt as my family told me that I can only wear this shirt once I am done working and retired. That time will be soon. A few days ago, I told my CEO that I would be retiring […]

Hearthside Grove Sites

I wanted to post some of my images of the sites at Hearthside Grove. Not all of the sites look like these ones, but most of them do. In a way, it reminds me of how Disney might choose to design a luxury motorcoach resort. Everything here was just so, well, perfect!