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Time To Abandon Ship

Cleaned out the office. Handed back my building pass. Took one final look back at the corner office where I had spent most of the past ten years of my life. My name was still there but it won’t be on Monday morning. I’ve abandoned ship. I’ve certainly gone through a bit of a rollercoaster […]

Happy Retirement

An amazing reception for my retirement yesterday. There were four speeches before me and I started to think that I had shown up at the wrong retirement event. They must be talking about someone else! Humbled, honoured, thankful. Anyway, here is my retirement speech. RETIREMENT SPEECH For Delivery, July 18th at 2:00pm Thank you for […]

Retirement Speech

It was a battle but I finally finished up the retirement speech. 891 words. Roughly 7 minutes. The corporate retirement reception is tomorrow afternoon at 2pm. It will run for an hour and I get to bring it home at the very end. I will post the speech tomorrow after the reception. You can let […]

Retirement Cards

The retirement cards were delivered today. The folks at Moo did an amazing job with our order and such a wonderful unboxing experience. We ordered the cards on 32 pt Mohawk Superfine stock. Beautifully textured. We added a blue seam colour that matches the blue sky of the picture of our coach. I have redacted […]


I’m just about finished the transition work at the office. And there has been a lot of transition work. Since I provided my notice to retire back in October of 2017, the pace of work has been pretty intense. Now? The pace has backed off dramatically. My successor started last week and aside from introductions […]