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The Outpost

Not really. The dealer for our coach, the Hitch House, is located in Barrie, Ontario and, while the city itself is well north of Toronto, it seems to be firmly in the grasp of the Greater Toronto Region. It is a tough drive through some of the most heavily congested roads in all of Canada. […]

Warranty Service

Our coach came out of storage last week and we took the Castaway over the the dealer for some scheduled service and warranty items. This was our list: Warranty Items 1. Kitchen Sink Leak: drain pipe leaks where drain meets down pipe immediately underneath the sink. 2. Loose Fabric Trim: fabric trim by pantry drawer […]

Back Home

  The Castaway is back home for a few days. We brought her out of storage yesterday. I was a bit concerned about whether we would have any issues taking the coach out of storage. She had sat there for about six months. We did check in on the coach from time to time during […]

Old Drives and Old Computers

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. Yes. 11. 11 old computers. Old Macs, PCs, laptops. Even an old Toshiba netbook. 5 old tablets. A dozen or so old cellphones. And over 20 external hard drives. Of various sizes and configurations. Why so many devices? Well, they were acquired over the […]


The Castaway is still there. Still in storage. We checked on her several times during the winter. And, apart from filling up the batteries with distilled water, everything on board the coach was fine. We will be taking our coach out of storage next Wednesday. Hopefully, the engine will start without any issues. After a […]