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Campground of the Year

We stay at KOAs. But only when we don’t have a choice. I find most of them to be too expensive for the experience which is generally very tight sites, gravel pads and, for big rigs like ours, tight access and issues with clearing trees. Every year, KOA selects a campground of the year. For […]

Goals for 2018

Well, I guess it is important to keep making goals, even into retirement. And I have a few. The most important goal? Create the future us. As my retirement date quickly approaches, Lorraine and I will be pursuing a new chapter of life, the best time of our lives. We have a chance to follow […]

And The Winner?

We bought a 2018 Lincoln MKX Reserve as our toad for our coach. Cash deal on the coldest evening of this brutally cold winter. A bit easier to negotiate a good deal on a vehicle at this time of year. Very few people out car shopping immediately after Christmas. And, since most Canadians are locked […]

A New Toad

Getting closer to that time where we need to get our toad. Although many cars can be towed behind a coach with four wheels down, there are a limited number of vehicles where the manufacturer approves flat towing. There are guides published each year by the FMCA and Motorhome Magazine. We have decided to tow […]

Top 100 RV Blogs

Just in case some of my friends in the United States have never seen a Canadian hundred-dollar note. Canadians generally do not carry large bills. The hundred-dollar note is the highest-valued and least-circulated note in Canada. Perhaps a Feedspot with the title “Top 100 RV Blogs Every RV or Motorhome Travel Enthusiast Must Follow” is […]