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There is our coach with both awnings intact and operating perfectly. The only problem? That was last year. This year, during a service call, the dealer had an accident with our coach and damaged our front awning. The awning inexplicably deployed while the coach was in motion and the awning impacted the service building as […]

Pain Cave

The weather has been swinging dramatically from unseasonably warm to unseasonably cold. And when it gets cold, the cycling goes inside. A pain cave can be put together almost anywhere. Our coach can be transformed into an awesome pain cave with multiple screens to help amplify the glorious pain and suffering. Takes a bit of […]


Death Valley. In California. It was the end of February when I took this image. Not quite as hot then. But still a uniquely inhospitable place. No vegetation really. Dry, dusty although water does occasionally find its way into this area. Being stranded in a place like this would be very challenging especially during the […]

The Long Weekend

This is home for the Thanksgiving weekend. Not exactly as per plan. No status on our timeline. The parts have been ordered but we do not know when they will arrive. Obviously not today. Hopefully sometime next week. Here are a couple of shots of our current site. We are nestled amongst the trees with […]

Plateau XLMB

As we enter our third week at the dealer, we have seen quite a few coaches coming and going. Most for service although a fair number of newly sold coaches. We have had a few neighbours during our stay. They spend a night in their new coach and then head out. We, on the other […]