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The World’s Most Expensive RV

Not one of my photos. This one comes from Marchi Mobile. They build the world’s most expensive motorcoach. Somewhere around $3 million USD. From their website: The eleMMent palazzo Superior is our top-of-the-line model that has been recognized in over 190 countries as the most luxurious and, without doubt, the most outstanding motorhome to-date. Its […]

A Vision For What Happens Next

When we made the move to our current home, our plan, as vague as it was almost a decade ago, was to make this our retirement home. We really weren’t thinking much about retirement back then. It seemed far enough away that we didn’t give it that much thought. Sure, I had financial plans and […]

All Play and No Work

That seems to be the dream, doesn’t it? Retirement is pitched as that time in life when you finally get to do whatever it is you want to do. All play and no work. I somehow doubt that our retirement experience will wind up that way. It is simply another stage of life where we […]

Retirement Goals

We have been to Walt Disney World so many times that we know pretty much what to expect. But there was a time, our first time, when we did not know what to expect and, for us, that experience was magical. We enjoyed it so much that we kept going back, year after year after […]


With our coach in a climate controlled storage facility for the winter, I found myself a tad anxious. Did I remember to look after everything before the coach went into storage? One area of concern: batteries. We happen to have a lot of batteries on our coach. Two of them for the automotive system. Eight […]