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Let It Go

Perhaps it was the length of time that it took for us to sell our house. Lulled into a little bit of complacency. Everything seemed to be as it had always been. Life on automatic pilot. When we sold our house earlier this month, we knew that we would have a lot of work ahead […]


106 days. A bit more than 15 weeks. Taking out vacations and offsites that were already planned and booked? We probably have less than 84 days or 12 weeks. We have to downsize our home in about three months. And it is time for us to take the plunge. This will be our general approach: […]

Home Free

“We’ve sold our house,” I told my sister and her partner. “We will soon be homeless.” “You mean, you will soon be home free!” Our house did take a very long time to sell. And I understand why. It is an expensive home and it is in the country. We had at least 40 showings […]


With an unusually mild winter here in our part of Canada, Lorraine and I have started to think about bringing the Castaway out of storage. We inspected the coach at our storage site just last week. I have been dropping by every six to eight weeks to check all the systems and to make sure that […]

Airstream Ranch

Somewhere along the I-4, between Tampa and Orlando, sits this monument to Airstream Trailers. A bit of a twist on the concept of Stonehenge. From Atlas Obscura: Frank Bates, the owner of a nearby RV dealership, envisioned Airstream Ranch as a tribute to the iconic company’s 75th anniversary. He was inspired by the similar Cadillac […]