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Passing The Time Away

We won’t be leaving the dealer any time soon. We are going to be spending Canadian Thanksgiving at The Hitch House. We have been here for two weeks and it looks very much like it will be at least three weeks before we are back on our way. Everything is fine though. We are pretty […]

Still Here

This is a screenshot from my Lincoln app off my iPhone. The app has a cool tracking feature where you can geolocate the car. Handy if you trying to figure out where your car might be. The blue spot is where our coach has been parked for almost two weeks now. The yellow spot is […]

10 Days And Counting

We’ve called to let them know that we are still planning to use our site at Sherkston Shores. We’ll just be two weeks or more late arriving. We were supposed to be at our staging site for our trip south in the Fort Erie area last Thursday. When we actually get to our staging site […]


You can make out my little office area on the right side of the coach. Everything is just perfect, really. Apple TV is playing some nice smooth jazz and the screens are running some beautiful screen savers. My amazing golden retriever is laying right at my feet. All she wants in this world, besides food […]


Our car is still out of commission and likely won’t be ready until late Wednesday. We remain stranded at our dealer as we await repairs. The coach had to go into the shop today for a couple of items one of which was totally necessary and yet totally discretionary: a WiFi and 4G LTE Extender. […]