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CAT Scale

As we made our way on our first excursion with the Castaway, we decided to make a stop at KAL Tire to check our air pressure and then over to a local CAT Scale to weigh our coach. Perhaps we should have done this the other way around, weigh the coach first and then adjust […]

It’s A Jungle Out There

Or maybe we should call this post The Attack of the Crazed Robin. From the Journal of Zoology: The Robin shows aggressive behaviour not only towards intruding Robins but, to a varying extent, towards a stuffed adult Robin, foreign species (especially in flight), living and stuffed juvenile Robins, and a stuffed red breast. To which […]

First Trip

  We are heading out on our first bonafide excursion with the Castaway. A way to break ourselves into the RV lifestyle and to get that first experience being out in the coach on a campsite away from home. We decided to book a site at the 1,000 Islands KOA as they offer full service pull […]

Captain’s Log June 12

Date: Sunday, June 12th, 2016 Weather: Windy, cloudy and cool at 12 degrees Celsius Mileage at Start of Day: 875 miles Mileage at End of Day: 890 miles Total Daily Miles: 15 miles Today’s objective is to get the RV out of the driveway, dump our grey and black tanks and fill up our fuel […]


Where the deer and the antelope play? We do not see much in the way of antelope. We do see quite a few deer where we live. This one was looking for a tour of our new motorhome. My son was at home and his tablet, never really very far away, allowed him to capture […]