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It’s A Jungle Out There

Or maybe we should call this post The Attack of the Crazed Robin. From the Journal of Zoology: The Robin shows aggressive behaviour not only towards intruding Robins but, to a varying extent, towards a stuffed adult Robin, foreign species (especially in flight), living and stuffed juvenile Robins, and a stuffed red breast. To which […]

First Trip

  We are heading out on our first bonafide excursion with the Castaway. A way to break ourselves into the RV lifestyle and to get that first experience being out in the coach on a campsite away from home. We decided to book a site at the 1,000 Islands KOA as they offer full service pull […]

Captain’s Log June 12

Date: Sunday, June 12th, 2016 Weather: Windy, cloudy and cool at 12 degrees Celsius Mileage at Start of Day: 875 miles Mileage at End of Day: 890 miles Total Daily Miles: 15 miles Today’s objective is to get the RV out of the driveway, dump our grey and black tanks and fill up our fuel […]


Where the deer and the antelope play? We do not see much in the way of antelope. We do see quite a few deer where we live. This one was looking for a tour of our new motorhome. My son was at home and his tablet, never really very far away, allowed him to capture […]


Checking the panel and what do I see? Freshwater tank, 1/3. Gray tank, 2/3. Black tank, 2/3. Time to top up the freshwater tank and empty the gray and black tanks. The gray tanks contain whatever material was drained down our sinks. The black tanks contain the waste from our toilets. I guess that stuff […]