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Luxury Taxes on RVs

Preserving capital is a rallying cry when thinking about our retirement years. We’ve done well but the shift into retirement means a bit more focus on the expense side. I’m not concerned about the expenses we can control. I am more concerned about the expenses that we do not control. And most of those expenses […]

Our Little Town

Less than four weeks to go before I retire from corporate life. And, a few weeks after that, we will be leaving our little town of Kingston, Ontario. I don’t think we will be coming back. Our plans will likely see us settle elsewhere in Ontario, a bit closer to our grandkids. I love this […]

WSU RV Passes Sell Out

One of the big differences between the U.S. and Canada? We don’t have RV parking for college football. On the Die Hard Cougs Facebook page, Washington State University Cougar fans were enraged when the parking passes for RVs had sold out. From the Daily Evergreen: The CAF [Cougar Athletic Fund] switched to selling RV passes […]

GMC Motorhomes

I came across the ad at this website. Someone had purchased an old GMC Motorhome and had attempted to restore it. Unfortunately, the website that carried the story of their renovation is no longer active. The post which began the story, ends with this somewhat tragic observation: The next few months would be challenging as […]