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What’s Next?

We are still 12-18 months before I retire and we can begin our travel adventures. That does not mean that we won’t be traveling before then. We have already planned a number of trips. We will be heading down to the Hershey RV Show for a few days later in September. Looking forward to taking […]

Magnum Inverter

The Universe of Energy, Walt Disney World. So much energy there. At home, last night? Not so much. We had a power failure. I know when it happened. My son called me at 3:51 in the morning. Again at 3:52. And again at 3:53. Now it is doubtful that I would have woken up from […]

Not Enough Air

We had to replace a bad tire on our travels to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan last month. That tire, located on the front driver’s side, now checks in at 101 PSI cold. The tire on the other side of the steer axle checks in at 110 PSI cold. My sense of balance requires both […]

The Ride

Our coach has been spending most of its time at a site we created on our property in the country. We have a 30 Amp service for the coach. No other hookups although we did install a water bypass to allow treated water to go to our outside faucets. We can fill our freshwater tank […]