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Castaway Release 2.0

Our yellow engine warning light has disappeared. Why? Because the coach needed a software update. Turns out our engine was two releases backdated. A new software patch resolved the isolated engine fault. Our first shakedown trip identified a few minor issues although one was costly — a new tire. The engine control module software update was […]

Two Tired

Well, I hope the second new tire will be covered under warranty otherwise it will be an expensive first long trip with the Castaway. There was no doubt that parts of the I-75 in Michigan were in horrible condition and it could well have been a pothole that caused the sidewall bulge. Whatever the cause, […]

Bay View Michigan

We spent several hours walking through Bay View, Michigan. Bay View is adjacent to Petoskey and includes over 400 cottages — if you can call the building pictured above a cottage — 30 community owned buildings, and a number of other facilities like a post office, park and a sail house. From the Bay View […]

Petoskey, Michigan

Petoskey is a small town with a population of roughly 6,000 people. Like most U.S. towns, it appears a bit larger from a Canadian perspective due, in part, to the layout of the town as well as the look and feel of the town. In this case, lots of wonderful Victorian buildings like this one. […]