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She Is Home

We made it home safe and sound in our new coach. Lots to share about our experience over the past few days now that we are back and connected to the Internet again. More to come once I have had a chance to catch up on some sleep. So excited to have our new home.


We are heading out tomorrow to pick up our new coach. We will be at the Hitch House for two days. I expect that the process will be a touch overwhelming. There will be lots of paperwork and lots of information to process. The technician will be spending quite a bit of time with us to […]

RV Electricity

We have some learning ahead of us with the new coach. The electrical system is the one that will likely take the most effort on our part. We don’t know how to use electricity on a coach. Well, I mean we know how to turn things on and plug things in. We just don’t know how […]

Driving Test Nerves

Behind my mask, when I took my driving tests for my D Class and my Z endorsement, was pure fear. I did not expect to experience such stress. I did not expect to experience driving test nerves. The mask I normally wear is a mask of confidence. It is a mask that says: I am okay and I have […]

RV Essentials

What else do you need for a new RV? That was the question we faced when we finalized the date for picking up our coach from the dealer. We did a lot of research on the web and we found advice on everything from cleaning supplies to folding bicycles. We then made a list of […]