Global XRS 7200

This would not be my first pick for a motorhome. The Action Mobil Global XRS 7200 — is it really a coach? — can price out at close to a million dollars. Given some of the campsites we’ve been to in Canada, I could see where a motorhome like this one might come in handy. It looks like it could easily handle almost any rough terrain.

The exterior design reminds me of a military machine.

Star Streak Motorhome


I came across this photo that someone had taken of a Star Streak Motorhome — unfortunately I do not have the source for the photo.

The motorhome has been on display at the California Automobile Museum for some time now. Next time we visit Sacramento we’ll have to drop by and see it in real life.

From what I have read about the motorhome, it was based on a 1971 Oldsmobile Toronado chassis with OEM trim from Cadillac. Not surprisingly, much of the vehicle’s exterior was hand fabricated making it a very unique item.


Michelin, you sure take your time. And it shows.

Way back in August, we had to replace an almost new tire on our coach. You can read about our experience changing out the tire here. And this was when we first knew we had a problem here. Very important to do comprehensive circles before and after every drive.

We had a lot of issues getting the Michelin warranty honoured. Here we are in November, and all we know right now is that the cheque is finally in the mail.

Why did it take so long?


I’m convinced that they were hoping we would just give up.

It started with us trusting the tire company that serviced our coach to do support the warranty inspection. We had the tire changed at our site from a dealer based out of Saginaw. We had no place to put it and so we left it with the dealer. We called them after we got back to Canada and they told us that they would arrange to have the Michelin rep stop by to look at the tire and confirm the warranty coverage.

Which they did. In early August.

And now, over three months later, we finally received confirmation that Michelin has cut the warranty cheque.

We were calling them every few weeks. First it was to see if they were going to cover the tire. That dance took several weeks to resolve. When they finally told us that the tire would be covered, they instructed us to fax them an invoice. Which we did.

And when we sent them the fax they would call us back to say that the fax was unreadable.

After several weeks of faxes that were consistently unreadable, we asked Michelin if we could just email them the invoice. Apparently Michelin does not have an email system. At least not in the customer service area. We could only send a fax.

We had the tire dealer in Saginaw fax them as we were convinced that Michelin was simply stalling us.

Our final call with them was quite assertive. We wanted them to honour their warranty.

And they finally did. Maybe.

I’ll believe it once I see the cheque.

The Alto Travel Trailer


The Alto Travel Trailer, from Safari Condo, a Canadian firm, is a really cool little trailer.

The trailer’s skin is cut from a single sheet of aluminium. The roof is retractable and provides a very aerodynamic shape. It would fit easily into most garages.

This video provides a quick overview of the trailer. Great use of a very small space.


Here is another somewhat unique motorcoach. Interesting use of the basement, wouldn’t you say?

From Volkner Mobil.