Not In My Backyard

An Alberta developer wants to build a large RV park in Big Pond, Cape Breton. After a lengthy proposal process, the development was approved however an appeal was launched by seven people and there is a three-day hearing taking place this week to determine if the development will still go forward.

There is no website for Ceilidh on the Lakes. They do have a Facebook page. And they made this post in May:


Due to the OVERWHELMING number of inquiries and requests for seasonal sites, we will be releasing the seasonal applications this week!

A few things to note:

– Deposits will be held in trust until opening, with deposit amount deducted from first season’s rate

– If for any reason the development does not proceed, deposits will be returned within a specified time frame

– 170 seasonal sites will be available

– Choose from lot sizes 30 X 45 or 30 X 60

Stay tuned to the page for details and application in the coming days!

No word on pricing or timing. This development might take a year or two before it is open for business which makes it a bit dodgy to request a deposit at this stage.

The population near this proposed RV park is very small, literally a couple of hundred people.

They have raised a lot of concerns. A pretty disgruntled lot if I might be so bold. Here are a few of the comments from the 50 or so people that are participating in the appeal:

“The appellants say that the CBRM planners and the CBRM council did not adequately evaluate the zoning amendment proposal with respect to several provisions of the MPS, including visual compatibility, dust or fumes, traffic and noise. The appellants also say the project runs counter to agricultural land protection.”

“If you have fire pits near a barn full of hay, it wouldn’t take too long to burn a barn down.”

“I enjoy the privacy I have now, and I don’t think I’d enjoy having people watching me all day — I enjoy looking at the trees but I don’t know how many trees will be left after this.”

“I am concerned about pollution coming to our vegetables. I am not an expert, but during the time of the public hearing I submitted some research that I had done that indicated both air pollution, especially particulate matter in the air, can affect the growth of vegetables, which is of great concern to me because our main income generators in the garden are leafy greens such as salad mix, lettuce, Asian greens, spinach and kale.”

“It will change the landscape of our community.”

Obviously I love the RV lifestyle and especially the RV parks that cater to Class A motorhomes — not that we have any of those in Canada but there are more than enough in the United States.

Evidently, this love of RVing is not shared by the community of Big Pond.

Everything’s Coming Up Daisies

Research and Markets, claiming to be the world’s largest market research store, has just released their report on the Recreational Vehicle market in North America. Their analysts forecast a pretty substantial rate of growth between 2018 and 2022 for the RV industry, a compound annual growth rate of just over 8 percent.

I did not have a chance to read the report because they want to charge me $2,500 for a single user electronic version. I did, however, get their overall message of continued growth.

The report covers the following companies:

  • Camping World Holdings
  • Forest River
  • Gulf Stream Coach
  • Northwood Manufacturing
  • REV Group
  • Thor Industries
  • Winnebago Industries

Several of them are private. Of the ones that are publicly traded, this is what their stock prices have been doing over the past five years.

Camping World is a leading outdoor and retailer and includes brands like Good Sam.

REV Group is recently listed and not without some controversy. REV Group builds American Coach, Monaco, Holiday Rambler and Fleetwood.

In June of this year, Johnson Fistel launched an investigation into potential violations of federal securities laws by REV Group to determine if the firm issued misleading business information to investors.

I’ve written about Thor before as they are a powerhouse company in the RV world. They cover a lot of brands including Airstream, Bison, CrossRoads, Cruiser, DRV, Dutchmen, Entegra, Heartland RV, Highland Ridge, Jayco, Keystone RV, K-Z, Redwood RV, Starcraft RV, Thor Motor Coach and Venture RV.

And the last publicly traded company highlighted in the report is Winnebago. I’ve written about them here when they recently acquired a boat company.

How do these companies stock prices line up against the S&P? For the most part, pretty closely:

Perhaps the RV industry will continue to grow at 8 percent CAGR from 2018-2022. As an investor, I hope that S&P 500 also continues its bull run for the next 5 years, particularly at the start of our retirement.

However, it has been a very long bull run. Including dividends, the S&P 500 has returned about 25% annually since March of 2009. Whenever this bull ends and the markets go down, sales of RVs may not continue to come up like daisies.

Prevost Buses Everywhere

Even parked outside my office window.

We live in a tourist town and during the summer months, a steady stream of Prevost tour buses drop off thousands of visitors every day.

Kingston is not a destination location where tourists stay for a week or longer. For the most part, the visitors are day-trippers. They arrive in the morning and they are gone by evening. The Prevost buses come in, and the Prevost buses go out.

We also see a lot of headline entertainers come into town like Sting, Elton John, Chicago, Neil Young, Bryan Adams, Bob Dylan. And they bring some really, really nice Prevost buses.

I’m not sure about the one pictured above though. It is a bus for an unnamed band. It is a really old rig and, walking around it over lunch today, there was a lot of physical damage to the coach and obvious wear and tear to the body panels. License plates were from Montana. And the trailer is pretty small for hauling concert-level gear. The bus is aluminum making me wonder if they had to pay a tariff when they crossed the border into Canada.

The Canada Day week-end brings a lot of smaller acts to Kingston and perhaps that is the case for this tour bus.

So close to being retired now that seeing all of these buses makes me anxious to get out there in our own coach.

Soon now.


Team Sky Motorhome For Sale

Team Sky. Chris Froome being one of the leading cyclists on that team and in the world of professional cycling. Not without some controversy however. Froome had returned an adverse analytical finding for salbutamol at the 2017 Vuelta a Espana. This might be a breach in the anti-doping rules and may impact his victory at the Vuelta a Espana. The case is still under review.

I hope Froome will be able to race the Tour de France which starts soon, July 7th.

Wait a minute now. I have become distracted by the original point of this post. Being a bit of a cycling enthusiast, I can hardly wait for the Tour de France, but back to Team Sky’s Motorhome.

Team Sky has a motorhome that was just posted for sale on eBay for about $90,000 CAD.

The listing is (was?) here.

A few shots of the motorhome. And note the second photo where the names of the team members are painted on the coach.

I wonder if I bought the coach and added my name to the list would that make me a member of Team Sky?

Mountain Modern Life

I was doing some research on how to inspect RV tires and the web led me down a number of different paths including one that brought up this video from Mountain Modern Life:

I had not come across Eric and Katie before. A young couple that has opted to travel through life in an RV until they can find their perfect home in the mountains surrounded by evergreens.

I have to say that they have an incredible eye for design and some awesome photography skills.

This is a video tour of their Tiffin Allegro motorhome:

More details about the before and after transformation of their motorhome can be found here.

I spent far more time on their website than I expected. Great content and I can appreciate how much time and effort they have been putting into their website and YouTube channel.