The Castaway has a 105 gallon freshwater tank. That tank, which we are using on a daily basis, is getting closer and closer to empty.

We have been living out of our coach since we first brought it home. It is parked just outside our house with an awesome view of our forest. It is a bit like boondocking except for the convenience of being so close to the sticks and bricks house.

The only service we have for the coach is 30-amp shore power. We have no other hookups for the motorhome.

When we last needed to dump our tanks, we took the Castaway over to the local KOA, conveniently located a few kilometres away, and used their dumping station. For a small fee of course.

Unfortunately, they do not provide a water service unless we book a site for the night.

So, what to do for water while we have the coach parked on our property?

We could connect our freshwater line to an outdoor faucet except for one little issue. The outdoor faucets bypass our water filtration system. We draw our water from a well and treat the water. The idea of filling our freshwater tank with untreated well water is not too appealing.

We have a call out to our local water person. It doesn’t seem to be that big a job to me, although I am not a plumber, to make a small change to the water supply lines. We need a bypass valve to supply treated water to the outdoor faucets. We already have a bypass valve to shut the supply of untreated water to the outdoor faucets. A small bit of piping to connect the new bypass valve to the outdoor faucet supply line and we would be good to go.

Our local water supply company is another option with “every on site water need supplied.” Although they do not show any RVs on their website, they do show a large sailboat. I suppose it would depend on the cost of the water service relative to the cost of making the plumbing change.

We could also book a night at the local KOA to fill up the freshwater tank and dump our black and gray tanks. That option may well be the least costly. It would also be the most fun.

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