America’s Largest RV Show


Happening here.

We had gone to the Hershey show last year and we are going down again this year. Last year our focus was on narrowing our decision for a new motorhome. This year? Well, this year we would just like to enjoy the show and learn a bit more about the odds and ends of the lifestyle. We won’t need to be quite as focused in terms of where we spend our time.

I have a number of gadgets that I wouldn’t mind picking up at the show. They include:

  • Tire Pressure Management System
  • RV Level
  • Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator
  • Sewer Hose Extension
  • Package of Assorted 12V Fuses
  • Telescopic Ladder

Lorraine and I have also talked about whether we want some signage for the coach. Something that might say “Castaway” for example. I suspect we may pick up a few other items while we are down there.

We’ll also spend a lot more time exploring the various travel booths at the show. Last year we spent most of our time exploring the coaches.

We’ll still walk through many of the new coaches this year and we will probably tell ourselves that our coach is much nicer than any of the 2017 models. At least for now. That could change in another 10 years or so.

It will just be the two of us for the show. We have booked a site about an hour’s drive from Hershey. Not too far and not too close.

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