On His Way


It’s official. Our last child is on his way.

Matthew heads off to University tomorrow morning. I am both happy and sad.

Happy because of the joy that he brought into our home and into our lives.

Sad because I will miss him like crazy.

This was tough when my daughter left home. And it was just as tough when my oldest son left home. They were both boomerang kids, they returned home after their University years as they made their transition to becoming fully independent adults.

I’ve told Matthew that there won’t be the same opportunity for him to boomerang. We will be retired when he finishes his degree and we will be travelling.

He will always be welcome to stay with us of course. There will always be a place for him in the Castaway. But my sense is that he is very keen to find his own way in life.

An amazing young man with so much promise.

His leaving home is a major milestone in life.

This part of being a parent is not easy.

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