Moving Day


We have pretty much packed everything up from our coach and brought it back into the house. Tomorrow we will need to empty our tanks, add a bit of diesel fuel, and complete a final check of the coach before taking it into storage.

Once the coach has been placed into storage, Lorraine and I will be heading out to Walt Disney World for the week. We will be at Fort Wilderness on Saturday and we intend to do a pretty thorough check of the park. We have booked two weeks at Fort Wilderness in May and we will be taking the coach down for those two weeks. This will be our first time staying at a campground on the Disney property. Of the many times that we have been down to Disney — somewhere above 20 vacations — we have always stayed at one of the resort hotels. We have never walked through the campsites at Disney before so our time there on Saturday will give us a bit of a preview before we drive down in May.

Because of the travel and a few other commitments, the posts on this site will resume on Monday.

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