Newmar Recall 2016-559

A brand new 2016 Dutch Star 4369 caught fire last September. And now we know why:

Fortunately we have had our coach in storage since October. Newmar had an erroneous postal code for our address and we only just received the notice in the mail last week roughly 6 weeks after the date of the recall notice.

Thank heavens we were not traveling south with the coach this year. Despite the number of “coulds” in the recall notice above, a coach did catch fire. If we were snowbirds, we would have been on the road extensively during the latter part of 2016. Our coach could have caught fire.

We have booked our service appointment for when we take the coach out of storage in April.

I am a wee bit concerned about the 4-hour drive to the dealer from the storage facility. We are going to check with Newmar and Freightliner to confirm if the coach is safe to drive that distance with this defect.

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  1. Bill Porter
    Bill Porter says:

    You can check your hose prior to travel to see if it is fraying or even close. Ours was not close and did not rub. We have just got the recall completed and they use a clamp on the rail to hold the hose well off the starter. You can check it from the rear looking down the passenger side of the engine at the starter. I followed the steering hose from the reservoir and the pump to the starter. if the hose is touching you will probably have to go under to inspect the hose and bring a ty-wrap to secure the hose away from the starter. The wear point is near the battery cable connection to the starter.
    Hope this helps ease your concerns.

    • Richard
      Richard says:

      Hi Bill,

      Thank you for this insight. It will definitely help ease our concern — I have been worried about the potential issue with the power steering and/or an engine fire since learning about the issue. I did not know how to check and mitigate against the issue until your comment. Much appreciated.


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