106 days.

A bit more than 15 weeks.

Taking out vacations and offsites that were already planned and booked? We probably have less than 84 days or 12 weeks.

We have to downsize our home in about three months. And it is time for us to take the plunge.

This will be our general approach:

  • We will start with sorting sessions. Daily. Probably for an hour or two.
  • We will start with the rooms that have the least amount of stuff. Hopefully that will allow us to see some quick results and keep us motivated. Those rooms will become the storage depots for when we tackle the rooms with the most stuff.
  • We will put our stuff into four piles: toss, sell, donate, keep.
  • We will finish one room before moving on to another.

Given our minimalist objective and moving into a much smaller space, we won’t be keeping very much stuff.

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