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The Castaway is back home for a few days. We brought her out of storage yesterday.

I was a bit concerned about whether we would have any issues taking the coach out of storage. She had sat there for about six months. We did check in on the coach from time to time during the winter months however we were not allowed to run the engine inside the storage facility and, given the layout of the storage area, we could not readily take the coach outdoors.

The tires maintained their inflation. That was a surprise. I had brought along the air compressor fully expecting to inflate the tires. No need. Each tire was fine.

Circle check revealed no issues.

And the big moment. Would the engine start?

Without a hitch. It took a bit of time for the air pressure to build up and then, jacks up and off we went.

In the province of Ontario, we are required to obtain a commercial driver’s license to operate a coach that weighs above 11,000 kg. And an air brake endorsement.

Good thing. These vehicles are the same size as a commercial bus and it takes a somewhat different mindset to operate them safely.

Getting back behind the wheel after a six-month hiatus did not feel at all uncomfortable.

The coach is awesome to drive and the 40 minutes that it took to get home pass all too quickly.

On Saturday, we take the coach up to our dealer for servicing. That will be about a 3-hour drive. In one of the most congested traffic areas of Canada.

That drive will be a bit more challenging.

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