Well, not quite as posed as this stock photo:

Similar result though. We are now officially downsized.

Wow. I do not ever want to go through that process again!

Over 38 years of marriage, we had gathered quite an impressive collection of stuff. Months of effort in terms of going through papers, books, furnishings, electronics and pretty much everything else that North American consumers tend to purchase for their homes.

At times, I was literally embarrassed by all of the stuff. At times, I felt liberated by shedding most of the stuff.

Moving from a 5,200 square foot home with almost 2,000 square feet of garages into a 1-bedroom condo — and ultimately into about 450 square feet in our coach — seemed impossible when we started. But we did it. Although with a bit of stuff being held in a storage unit.

Our house closed around noon today.

Still a bit longer before we head out on the road. But for now, we will hang out in a wonderful space in the downtown core.

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