Done Working (Almost)

I have a shirt that I purchased from this store, dunworkin, in 2016.

I’ve never worn the shirt as my family told me that I can only wear this shirt once I am done working and retired.

That time will be soon.

A few days ago, I told my CEO that I would be retiring within nine months. In my current role as a senior executive, I need to provide sufficient time to help the company with my leadership transition.

And so it is done.

We have been busily planning this part of our lives for over two years now. The usual concerns creep into play. Have we saved enough? Will we have enough money to last our retirement? Will I get through the next nine months?

There is a bit of fear. And a bit of excitement as well.

Someone told me that when they retired, they had mixed emotions: joy and happiness.

Right now, I have fear and excitement!

Crunch time as we get ourselves ready for our first extended sojourn in our coach in October of 2018. We will take the coach out a few times before then and I am glad that we have had a couple of years under our belt with the motorhome. I think we have a much better idea as to how we will enjoy that part of our retirement.

9 months and change.

285 days.

But then, who’s counting?

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