Commercial Driver’s Licence Renewal

In the province of Ontario, Canada, we are required to hold a commercial driver’s licence to operate a Class A diesel motorcoach. Specifically, a DZ licence.

The Z designation is for the air brake component and it is mandatory for anyone in Ontario that operates a vehicle with air brakes.

The Class D licence lets you drive any truck or vehicle combination exceeding 11,000 kilograms (roughly 24,000 lbs), provided that the towed vehicle weighs less than 4,600 kg (roughly 10,000 lbs).

To apply for a Class D licence, you need to be at least 18 years old, hold a valid Ontario licence other than G1, G2, M, M1 or M2, pass an eye test, submit a medical report, pass a written test about operating large trucks and tractor-trailers and pass a road test.

To make our life in retirement just a little more interesting, our provincial government has elected to change the rules regarding Class D renewals.

Class D licence holders up to age 80 will be subject to a Class D knowledge test and vision test every five (5) years at time of licence renewal. Class D licence holders over the age of 80 will still have to complete an annual knowledge, vision and road test.

Class D licence holders under the age of 46 will be required to submit a Medical Report every five (5) years.

Class D licence holders between the ages of 46 and 64 will be required to submit a Medical Report every three (3) years.

Class D licence holders age 65 and older will be required to submit an annual Medical Report.

Having a more stringent requirement for commercial truck drivers makes sense. Does it make sense for someone like me that operates a recreational vehicle? I will now have to do the Class D tests every five years and medicals every year after age 65. And I’m just not sure how relevant all of the truck related content is for someone who drives a recreational vehicle. Some of the content is applicable. Most of it, however, is primarily for people who drive trucks for a living.

As we plan to be in the States during the winter months, it will be quite aggravating to have to deal with license renewals in March — March being my month of birth. Our provincial government bases renewals on date of birth.

Could be costly having to fly up to Canada just to do a licence renewal every winter.

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