And The Winner?

We bought a 2018 Lincoln MKX Reserve as our toad for our coach. Cash deal on the coldest evening of this brutally cold winter. A bit easier to negotiate a good deal on a vehicle at this time of year. Very few people out car shopping immediately after Christmas. And, since most Canadians are locked into their igloos right now, afraid to venture outdoors for fear of immediate frostbite in minus 30 Celsius wind chills, our dealer was more than anxious to close the deal at a fair price.

Why the Lincoln MKX over the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Styling, features and feel. Ultimately a preference as both vehicles would have worked as a toad for our coach.

First time back to a North American car in several decades for me. This vehicle came out of the Oakville plant here in Canada.

I hope the team at Lincoln built a good car. I guess we will find out.

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