A little break from all of our planning for the first year of travel in our motorcoach.

With the countdown app on this website now showing three months to go before retirement — it is a touch longer than that but close enough — I should let you know that we have also decided on taking a special cruise to mark this particular transition in our lives.

5 days after retirement, we will be flying out to Hamburg Germany and from there we will board the Norwegian Jade and take a nine-day cruise of Norway. And yes, on one of those days, we will be taking a trip on the world’s most beautiful train journey, the Flam Railway.

This is our itinerary for the cruise:

Initially, we weren’t planning to do anything at all as part of the start of my retirement other than a small family gathering.

Lorraine had other plans. Her view was that after 39 years of working and supporting our family, a special trip was in order.

How could I disagree?

We have thoroughly enjoyed planning this particular trip to a part of the world that we have not seen before. And once we return, we will only have a few weeks to get ourselves ready to begin our travels in our coach.

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