Homeless in Vancouver?

A recent trend in the city of Vancouver: people living out of RVs on the side of the street.

The Globe and Mail had this to say about the situation in Vancouver:

When you talk to people living in motorhomes, and there are dozens already camped on Vancouver streets, they don’t identify as homeless. Most are proud of their homes, many of which are powered by solar panels and fit in with Vancouver’s green city aspirations. What they don’t like is having to hide and move. Some say they would be happy to pay a modest rent for a safe spot in someone’s leafy backyard.

This, of course, is not a perfect fix. Recreational vehicles should never be considered a permanent replacement for housing. But people on the margins, faced with a dearth of other options, have already innovated by moving into them. It wouldn’t hurt to loosen the rules, so they can leave the industrial parks and live in nice neighbourhoods. And if a state of emergency declaration can help make it happen, let’s consider that too.

Vancouver, Canada now ranks as the world’s sixth most expensive city to buy a condo and the eighth most expensive market in the world for a single family home. Just how bad is it in Vancouver?

This is what 2.4 million dollars will buy you:

Can’t you just get a sense of your money having been well spent on this stunning estate?

I found this story about a couple living out of their RV:

And we live in an RV in Vancouver.

For us, it was both a voluntary and involuntary choice. Voluntary because after a string of horrendous landlords, our most recent one sold our house with no notice and then sent a family member to evict us in 30 days. We’d lived there for nearly 2 years, paid almost $50,000 in rent and had nothing to show for it. The involuntary part of the decision came into play when we couldn’t find an affordable, pet-friendly place to live and I refused to part with my dog.

At times it seems like parts of the world have gone utterly and completely mad.

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