I love playing guitar and I have quite the collection of gear which you can find over here. I don’t list all of my pedals because, well, over the past 40 years or so of playing, I have amassed a formidable collection of tone shaping boxes. Too many pedals.

I came across OHMLESS Pedals in one of the guitar forums I follow and lo and behold, they offer a pedal for the RV enthusiast who plays guitar and uses a Kemper. I might be the only person in North America with a Kemper and a motorcoach. Hard to say.

We are currently “ohmless” too. We sold our house last year as part of downsizing for retirement. We haven’t bought anything yet as we aren’t sure where we want to settle for the time we will be in Canada. And we aren’t in a rush to buy into a housing market that has been decidedly overheated for the past several years.

We have a spot for our coach for when we return to Canada next April, although with the kind of spring we are experiencing this year, we would need winter coats, snow tires and snow shoes. We will likely live out of our coach for a few months next year and spend much of the balance of the time travelling in this part of Canada.

Retirement is quickly approaching now. Only 14 weeks left to go!

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