Zombie RVs

Lately, I have been binge watching the Walking Dead on Netflix. Well, not really binge watching. I take in an episode a day. I have yet to come across a more uplifting, positive and encouraging series on Netflix.

Just kidding!

It seems like Zombies are not isolated to the Walking Dead.

Now we have Zombie RVs.

‘Zombie RV’ causes concern for NE Vancouver residents

An abandoned motor home in northeast Vancouver is causing concern for nearby residents, who say the vehicle is inviting crime into the neighborhood.

Bradley Lebow, a resident that lives across the street from the dated recreational vehicle, says it first appeared in the neighborhood in January.

“It’s just something that’s an eyesore,” Lebow says. “It’s hurting our property values.”

He says he sees what he believes to be suspicious transactions, possibly involving drugs, occur at the RV daily. He also says there are frequent disruptive noises that come from the RV.

To make matters worse, the RV lost its wheels a few weeks ago, and now sits atop wooden blocks.

Lebow and other resident say they have been calling code enforcement for months and have reported the vehicle several times. Code enforcement, however, has not removed the RV.

In the past, city and local law enforcement have acknowledged the vehicles in numerous neighborhoods as problems, referring to them as “zombie RVs”.

The Zombie RV pictured above is in Vancouver, Washington and not in Vancouver, British Columbia.

In Vancouver, British Columbia, Zombie RVs are more like this one pictured below. In Vancouver, British Columbia, an RV that costs a million or two is called a starter home:

For another million or two, you could step up from your Zombie RV into this incredible home in Vancouver, British Columbia. It listed for $3.68 million way back in 2016.

Once you teardown your three million dollar house in Vancouver, British Columbia, there is more value added to your property. Like this recent rebuild of a teardown a few blocks away. This 2,500 sf monster home, sitting shoulder-to-shoulder alongside other teardowns, is on sale right now for a mere $6.1 million. Act fast though. Next year it could be worth $9 million. Or, perhaps after the real estate madness in Canada ends, it becomes an abandoned Zombie house complete with suspicious transactions occurring daily.

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