30 Days

Not until retirement. Although getting much closer now. Only 51 more days.

No. This 30 days refers to a bylaw that the Whistler RV Park will begin enforcing. Any long-term or seasonal stay will require a move to a new site every 30 days. Failure to comply will lead to expulsion from the park.

Can you imagine how crazy it would be on the 30th day of every month (to have) 40-plus people packing up their RVs and all switching sites?

This article provides all of the frightful details of people having to lift their jacks and play musical RVs to satisfy a desire by park management to enforce a bylaw that they have never enforced before.

Park management had initially claimed that the Resort Municipality of Whistler would charge the park a fine if trailers were not relocated every month although that story has changed. The current reason? Compliance with the bylaw.

Some motorcoach resorts limit stays to only 30 days. And it is clear on their website.

Not that I have any plans to stay at the Whistler RV Park but I could not find any reference to a 30-day maximum policy on site rentals on their website.

Just another customer focused Canadian RV park operator.

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