Prevost Buses Everywhere

Even parked outside my office window.

We live in a tourist town and during the summer months, a steady stream of Prevost tour buses drop off thousands of visitors every day.

Kingston is not a destination location where tourists stay for a week or longer. For the most part, the visitors are day-trippers. They arrive in the morning and they are gone by evening. The Prevost buses come in, and the Prevost buses go out.

We also see a lot of headline entertainers come into town like Sting, Elton John, Chicago, Neil Young, Bryan Adams, Bob Dylan. And they bring some really, really nice Prevost buses.

I’m not sure about the one pictured above though. It is a bus for an unnamed band. It is a really old rig and, walking around it over lunch today, there was a lot of physical damage to the coach and obvious wear and tear to the body panels. License plates were from Montana. And the trailer is pretty small for hauling concert-level gear. The bus is aluminum making me wonder if they had to pay a tariff when they crossed the border into Canada.

The Canada Day week-end brings a lot of smaller acts to Kingston and perhaps that is the case for this tour bus.

So close to being retired now that seeing all of these buses makes me anxious to get out there in our own coach.

Soon now.


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