14 days to go before retirement and a few retirement events are now beginning.

Last night my management team held a retirement dinner for me. Such a wonderful evening and such a great team. Incredible food at a beautiful location in the country with dear colleagues and friends. So honoured to have been able to serve with this team.

My retirement gift from my management team really means a lot to me. The Mont Blanc LeGrand is inscribed with the words Best Boss Ever!

To be remembered this way is both humbling and rewarding.

And there is a bit of a back story about the pen itself.

During my career, I have held senior executive roles at two large Canadian insurers and one very large Canadian bank, having served 10 years at each company.

For almost 15 years, I carried a Mont Blanc LeGrand with me every single day that I was working. Regardless of location, regardless of business travel, that pen was always with me. I loved the feel, the weight and the quality of such a nice writing instrument.

Then one day, at the bank, I had left my pen at the office. I had set it down for some reason, forgot to pick it up and when I returned to the office the next day, it was gone.

I was reluctant to spend the money to buy a new one as it was a very expensive pen. I did without it.

I did miss the LeGrand though and I felt badly about having lost the pen.

My executive assistant who has supported me both at the bank and at my current employer knew the story about the lost pen. She helped to decide on this retirement gift with the team.

Such a perfect gift!

I will cherish this pen not because of its feel, weight and quality. I will cherish the pen for the engraving and the memories of working with such a fantastic team.

A few more retirement events before I finish in two weeks. And then a new chapter of life begins. So looking forward to getting out there with our coach.

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