Time To Abandon Ship

Cleaned out the office.

Handed back my building pass.

Took one final look back at the corner office where I had spent most of the past ten years of my life.

My name was still there but it won’t be on Monday morning. I’ve abandoned ship.

I’ve certainly gone through a bit of a rollercoaster ride leading up to this moment.




More fear.

A friend told me that in retirement every night is like Friday night and every day is like Saturday.

Last night was Friday night and today is Saturday. So far so good!

We had a family celebration last night. Here is one shot of me with Lorraine and our three children.

Made it to the retirement line, which is really a new starting line for whatever happens next. Lorraine and I have spent years getting ready for this time of life.

We’ll soon be heading out to Hamburg, Germany and then from there to Norway. Things will likely be a bit quiet around this website over the next few weeks as I expect access to the Internet will be limited while we are away.

When we get back from Europe, it will be time to get our coach ready for the journey south.

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