Coach Maintenance

When we return from our retirement vacation we will be taking our coach in for service.

The coach will be at the dealer for about a month or so before we take it out on the road.

Why so much time in service? Well, let’s just say we have a bit of a list.


  • Side radiator lower grill almost disconnected from body of coach
  • Oasis hot water heater pump failure
  • Full wall slideout uneven — rises up a quarter inch or so after slides are deployed which has been an ongoing issue since we purchased the coach and not yet resolved
  • Front passenger side levelling jack leaking hydraulic fluid
  • Full length of Girard Awning Casing on top of passenger side of coach overhangs coach body by about an inch (Girard Awning Casing/Housing is not fully retracted)
  • Hole in roof (very front and centre of roof membrane where the front cap angles down and meets the roof line and should be readily visible on inspection)

Recall notices and bulletins:

  • 472 TSB Slideout Motor Mounting Bolts (related to 466 TSB which we did… reading lots of reports of continued issues with these mounting bolts so we need to validate that they are appropriately secured)
  • 483 RSB Recall 17V 420: Driver Passenger Shade may operate with ignition on
  • 485 TSB Freightliner Wiper Control Software Update
  • 486 TSB MCD Remote Shade Motor Replacement
  • 488 RSB Recall 17V 497: Battery Cable May Rub Against Frame (potential fire hazard)
  • 493 PIB Freightliner Lightbar: instrument panel odometer value may reset and no match the engine ECU odometer value
  • 512 RSB Recall 18V 245: Low Beams Do Not Illuminate with High Beams
  • And any others that are specific to our coach

New items to be installed:

  • Tow bar system for the 2018 Lincoln MKX (a Blue Ox baseplate, a Blue Ox KarGard, a Blue Ox Towbar, and a Patriot Braking System)
  • WeBoost Cellular Booster

Regular coach service:

  • Service coach as per manufacturer’s recommendation
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