Back From Norway

After several days of travel, we finally made it back home.

Norway was an incredible experience and we will have lots of stories and photos to share over the next few days. Every morning we had views like the one pictured above.

For today?

Two major tasks.

The first is to battle the jet lag — I was up at 3am this morning. It will take a few more days to shake off the 6-hour time zone change.

The second is to take our coach out of storage and to begin the process of getting it ready for our travels south.

We will pick up the coach at 11am this morning. We will give the coach a thorough clean of the interior and of the basement bays. An overnight stay tonight and then off to the dealer tomorrow.

The dealer will have the coach until we take it back on September 20th and then Lorraine and I will begin our extended travel in our coach.

We placed our order for the coach in October of 2015. And now, after almost three years of getting ourselves ready to go, we are quite excited to finally hit the road for some new adventures in our retirement.

A new beginning.

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