Out Of Service

Our coach and our toad.

10 hours on the road today to drop the coach to the dealer for service. They will have the coach for about 6 weeks after which we will take it back and move in for an extended stay — close to 8 months before we come off the road end of April 2019.

We pulled the coach out of storage yesterday at 11am. I wasn’t sure if it would start as it had been sitting there for just over a year.

Turned over like a charm.

Checked the tires and they were all at pressure. 110 psi on the front axle, 90 psi on the back two axles.

Circle check complete, we moved the coach out to a staging area at our church. Large parking lot and an available 30 amp power source.

Gave the coach a thorough clean on the inside.

Installed a Sonos surround sound in the bedroom. So much better than the Sony TV speakers.

Reactivated the Sirius XM radio. Programmed the GPS for the drive to the dealer. Enjoyed an hour or so of Netflix.

Then to sleep.

Up this morning at 4am.

I hate jet lag.

After an early breakfast, I spent some time cleaning the outside of the coach.

We left for the dealer at 9:30am and arrived to the service reception around 2:30pm. We tried to pick a window for driving through Toronto where the traffic would not be horrendous. Did not work. Toronto seems to be constantly congested.

Took about an hour to go through the various work order items with the service manager. We then faced the chaos of Toronto traffic to make our way back to Kingston.

Made it home by 8pm.

So tired right now.

My goal is to sleep in to at least 5am tomorrow.

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  1. Ryan Jeffrey
    Ryan Jeffrey says:

    “My goal is to sleep in to at least 5 am tomorrow.”

    Your Retirement goals are identical to my goals as a parent of small children. Circle of life.


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