Olden With An iPhone

I had posted about our day in Olden here. I thought I would add a bit more context to that day along with a few more photos and video.

One of the issues that we had with our shore excursion when we were in Olden was the time we spent in a bus. I was unable to use my primary camera except for a couple of stops despite some stunning landscapes like the one pictured above.

All of the photos in this post as well as the video were shot with my iPhone. More often than not through the dirty window of a tour bus often while the bus was in motion on steep grades and twisted hairpins.

Getting to the top of the Stryn Mountain range was quite the climb. The roads were narrow and the turns very tight.

Along the route were numerous waterfalls like this one. The result of glacial ice melting from the mountains.

This shot gives a bit of perspective on the road we followed, almost lost in the expansive valley.

RVs were everywhere we went in Norway. RVs are extremely popular in this part of Europe. We spotted only one Class A rig throughout our stay. Lots of tour buses and lots of Class B and C rigs.

The camera of choice by passengers on our cruise?

I was shocked by the number of tourists carrying huge DSLRs on the cruise. And not the entry level Nikons and Canons. By and large, the top of the line camera bodies with large telephoto lenses.

Most everyone else used their smartphones and tablets.

You can tell a story with pretty much any camera these days. Even a smartphone.

I tried a few shots with my primary camera inside the tour bus and it did not turn out as well as these shots on my iPhone.

Go figure.

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