Alesund, Norway

Alesund, Norway.

We did not spend any time in Alesund. Our shore excursion was from 8am until 5pm. A full day of travel with the highlight being the Trolls’ Path pictured above.

Here is a video of our day touring Trollstigen, Valldal, Stigfossen Waterfall and Trollveggen, all in under three minutes.

This was our early morning introduction to the port of Alesund, Norway: decidedly moody.

Our bus made several stops. A quick five-minute dash to capture a few photos and then back on the road.

We had a bit of a longer stay at Stigfossen Waterfall. This was the closest encounter I had with a waterfall during my time in Norway. And I did not get wet.

A view of the valley of Valldal from Trollstigen, roughly 850 metres above sea level.

The skywalk afforded an opportunity for me to mess with your sense of perspective in this photo. Does that bus on the hairpin turn look like it is falling off the side of the mountain?

We had a break for lunch at an RV camp and tourist centre. The clouds and mist created an eerie scene.

From there we made our way to Trollveggen to see the Troll Wall. This was the only rain that we experienced in Norway and it made the photography challenging. Although the vertical space looks relatively short, the Troll Wall has the highest perpendicular rock face in Europe at over 1,000 metres.

This was our bus for the day. Made by Volvo, it might be a great candidate for a Class A motorhome.

This was our view of Alesund from the ship. We did not have any time to explore this port by foot.

On our way to our next port, Flam, Norway.

A few shots of the beautiful fjord as we left Alesund. Waters were very calm.

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  1. Marg
    Marg says:

    Love the Trolls.

    The twisting road is fantastic – I can just imagine what it would be like to drive it in the Porsche😉


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