Flam, Norway

Flam was our final port of call on our Norwegian cruise.

I have to admit that I was feeling a bit sad that our time in Norway was quickly coming to an end. An amazing country with dramatic landscapes.

Here is a video with an overview of our day in Flam.

Flam is a small village with a population of roughly 350 people. It is located at the inner end of Aurlandsfjorden. Flam receives about half a million tourists a year and the local community has a decidedly mixed reaction to all of the cruise ships that call into Flam.

The main tourist attraction in Flam is the train. It runs 20-kilometres between Flam and Myrdal. It is one of the steepest railways in the world. There are some stunning views from the train.

As part of the train ride, we made a 5-minute station stop to take in the Kjosfossen waterfall.

A quiet and peaceful moment in Norway? Well, it was me and several hundred other tourists all jammed in shoulder to shoulder trying to get a shot. Looks like smartphones were the weapon of choice.

When we reached our station stop for a 1-hour layover before the return trip, clouds, rain and mist descended on us.

Although we walked around the area, there really wasn’t much to see except the train tracks.

We passed the time at the layover and then made our way back to Flam. The rain had stopped and the clouds and mist created a very unique scene.

We explored the village of Flam by foot and came across this farm not far from the port.

A couple of trees hanging out in Flam.

The view of our ship from one of the docks.

This would be the dock from which I shot the ship above.

And a parting view of our last day in Norway.

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