Why are so many motorhomes parked at Walmart?

That is the headline of a recent article in the National Post.

When travelling long distances in a motorhome, some RVers will use Walmart as a layover for one night. They will either call ahead, or talk to a manager, and ask permission to stay the night in a Walmart parking lot. Most have no issue although a number of Walmarts will refuse citing city ordinances or store policy.

Regina seems to be one of the more popular spots but apparently more for cheap storage or longer-term stays.

But the most popular Walmart in Regina might be the east-end location on Victoria Avenue, where more than 20 RVs, campers and motorhomes sit scattered across the pavement. Campers sit in the parking lot of Walmart on east Victoria Avenue. Some are for sale, and many seem to be there semi-permanently. They sit on blocks, with no sign of a truck to tow them.

Kerri Botkin was there on Saturday, unloading her camper after a weekend trip to Rowan’s Ravine Provincial Park.

“Honest to God, Walmart is the most ideal place to store your camper during the week, and off you go on the weekends,” she said.

“I live in an apartment, so there is nowhere for me to park.”

And further down in the article:

“I’ve seen it at the north end,” he said. “I’ve seen it year after year: The same motorhomes show up as soon as the snow disappears, and they sit there all summer until the fall.”

He fears those motorhome owners could ruin a good thing for everyone else.

We don’t layover in Walmarts. We find a reputable campground on our way. That is our preference when we travel. We have friends that will layover in Walmarts. They stop for a night, load up on supplies and then head out in the morning.

I cannot see any scenario where municipalities would tolerate people setting up camp for months at a time at store parking lots. Regardless of how much latitude a store manager might allow, municipalities will eventually step in and ban the practice. It is unhealthy and unsafe.

So yes, those motorhome owners will ruin the ability to layover for an evening at a Walmart parking lot.

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