Moving Day

Moving day is coming up fast.

We move out of our condo into our coach in just a few weeks.

We have been busy getting all of our current stuff either bound for the storage unit or bound for the coach.

With our last big move, we managed to fill this trailer full of stuff and I do mean full:

Oh, and a second one too. Not as big as this one. It was a large cube truck to move all of my recording studio equipment.

We went from one huge house to another. And we filled nearly every nook and cranny with stuff.

As part of our retirement planning, we did a pretty dramatic downsizing. Sold a lot of stuff. Gave away a lot of stuff. Threw out a lot of stuff.

And, even though we are decidedly much more minimalist now, we still have a lot of stuff. Enough to fill two large storage units when we sold our house — although we are now down to one storage unit — and enough to fill a large two-bedroom condo.

We are fortunate to have a Class A motorcoach for our travels however we have to be really careful about how much stuff we carry. It has been interesting going through our condo and doing much of what we did when we first downsized our house a year or so back. What should we sell? What should we give away? What should we throw out?

Travelling light is a joy. We’ve experienced that when we have travelled abroad.

Travelling light in our motor coach is a given. There is limited space for stuff.

Moving day awaits. I’ll show you how much stuff we are taking with us when we get the truck loaded up.

On September 18th, we will be taking the stuff for the coach from our condo in Kingston to our coach at the dealership near Toronto. We will move everything in, get it stored away as quickly as we can, return the truck to Kingston and then head out the following morning back to our coach at the dealership for the start of our travels.

Between now and then, lots to keep us busy!

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