Maintenance Check

Our coach has been with the dealer since early August dealing with a number of issues and recalls and a few additional items.

The issue list:

  • Side radiator lower grill almost disconnected from body of coach
  • Oasis hot water heater pump failure which requires a replacement pump
  • Full wall slideout uneven and the slideout floor rises up after it has been deployed
  • Front passenger side levelling jack leaking hydraulic fluid
  • HWH levelling system not operating correctly
  • Full length of Girard Awning Casing on top of passenger side of coach overhangs coach body by about an inch (Girard Awning Casing/Housing is not fully retracted)
  • Hole in roof (very front and centre of roof membrane where the front cap angles down and meets the roof line)

The technical service bulletin and recall list:

  • 472 TSB: Slideout Motor Mounting Bolts (this is the second TSB related to slideout motor mounting bolts so we need to validate that they are appropriately secured)
  • 483 RSB (Recall 17V 420): Driver Passenger Shade may operate with ignition on
  • 485 TSB: Freightliner Wiper Control Software Update
  • 486 TSB: MCD Remote Shade Motor Replacement
  • 488 RSB (Recall 17V 497): Battery Cable May Rub Against Frame (potential fire hazard)
  • 493 PIB: Freightliner Lightbar: instrument panel odometer value may reset and not match the engine ECU odometer value
  • 512 RSB: Recall 18V 245: Low Beams Do Not Illuminate with High Beams

New items to be installed:

We received the following update from our dealer:

I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know we have received the Oasis pump for your coach. We are still on track with your timeline.

As I may have mentioned before on the phone, most of the tasks have been completed with few exceptions: We are waiting on parts for one of the recall issues (a wiring harness) that has not yet arrived. The issue with the levelling jack is tied with the issue of the slide floor raising, both having to do with a failed solenoid at the hydraulic pump. That has been covered by the extended warranty, with the exception that you will have to cover the shipping on the part along with your deductible. And of course, we now have the Oasis pump which can be installed.

I will continue to keep you informed as we progress with your coach. Have a great weekend!

We had contacted ITR about the issue we had with the Oasis Heating System. Last fall, I had spent several hours in the basement of our coach, on the phone with ITR technical support, attempting to get the pump working so that we could get hot water. No joy. There were known issues with the pumps that ITR had used in our model year and they either changed the design or the supplier or perhaps both. ITR agreed to send us a new pump without charge — thank you ITR — and the only concern was whether the pump would arrive in time for us to get it installed in our coach.

It has arrived so we will have hot water on demand again. We did have hot water after the pump failed but we had to hack the system by changing the loops through a bypass switch. It meant that whenever we needed hot water, we had to exit the coach, open the bay to the Oasis system and turn a hidden switch on the main control unit. Once we were finished using the hot water, we had to go back outside the coach and turn the hidden switch off. Inconvenient.

A failed solenoid is a bit of a surprise to me and hopefully that resolves the slideout issue and the HWH levelling issue. Our extended warranty has a $200 deductible. I’ll be interested to see how much it cost to resolve the issue under extended warranty.

Looks like most of the items have been completed now with about two weeks left to go.

We take our car in to the dealer on September 19th to have the Blue Ox system installation completed. They will walk us through the process of hooking up our toad and making sure that the system is working properly.

Haven’t pulled a toad behind our coach as yet. I will be interested to see what it is like.

September 21st we leave the dealer and make our way to Sherkston Shores for a few weeks before heading south.

The adventures begin.

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