Be Careful Out There

In my news feed this morning. A motorhome, with three adults and six children, drove off Interstate 90 in Ellensburg killing one of the adults and one of the children.

It looks as though the motorhome chassis separated itself from its outer shell. And it was pulling a very large trailer. Could loss of control been due to an issue with the tires? Or perhaps being overweight? We might never know.

Where were the passengers? Were they in the motorhome? Would they have been wearing seat belts?

A sad and tragic event.

We are always very diligent with our circle checks and ensuring that our tires are in good shape and properly inflated for the weight of our coach.

I remember pulling up to a Class A at a fuel stop a few years back. The owner had a massive trailer that he was towing. I asked him about the weight of his rig and he told me, without any concern, that he was running overweight.

Some owners do take risks.

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