Retirement Memories

This was basically it. Two days before my last day in the office. This was the day of my corporate retirement reception. Lorraine and Tabby walked me to the office and, to my surprise, someone with a camera took photos of the day.

I received a beautiful photo book today. I’ll share a few of the images here.

The event started with speeches. Really, really nice speeches.

What was I thinking about right at this moment? I’m at the wrong event. They must be talking about someone else!

I gave a speech as well. It was a tough one to write. I posted the speech over here.

It was also tough to deliver. So many emotions during this event. I managed to hold it together.

But there was a reward at the end of all the speeches.


And more cake.

You might notice a picture of our coach on the second cake. Somebody found it over here. The inscription reads:

Retirement is not the end of the road… it is the beginning of the open highway.

So true.

A final goodbye to my office.

Many, many fond memories from my years with the team at this company.

Since that event back in July, I’ve had a number of colleagues ask me what retirement is like.

I’ve told them that retirement feels a lot like summer vacation did when I was a kid.

So much freedom.

In less than two weeks, Lorraine and I will finally be out on the road in our coach.

So looking forward to this next chapter of our lives.

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