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We have firmed up our travel plans for our trip south. It begins with the leg from Canada down to Florida.

We are moving down the eastern U.S. at a fairly good clip largely because of weather. We leave Canada on November 1st and we are taking six days to do the drive.

We will be staying at the following properties on our way down:

1. Our starting point.

2. Sherkston Shores RV Resort in Ontario, Canada for 5 weeks.

3. Stonewall Resort in West Virginia for one night

4. Mountain Falls Motorcoach Resort in North Carolina for two nights.

5. Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort in South Carolina for two nights.

And then Florida. Myakka River Motorcoach Resort for one month, Riverbend Motorcoach Resort for one month and Everglades Isle Motorcoach Resort for one month.

We will have a pretty long drive to get us over to California. We will take 11 days to make this crossing.

We will be staying at the following properties on the drive west.

1. Our starting point at Everglades Isle Motorcoach Resort.

2. Bay Lake RV Resort in Florida for one night.

3. Carrabelle Beach RV Resort in Florida for one night.

4. Heritage Motorcoach Resort in Alabama for two nights.

5. Rayford Crossing RV Resort in Texas for two nights.

6. Alsatian RV Resort in Texas for one night.

7. Maverick Ranch RV Park in Texas for one night.

8. Hacienda RV Resort in New Mexico for one night.

9. The Motorcoach Resort in Arizona for two nights

And then we stay at Desert Shores Motorcoach Resort for two months.

We originally planned to take a different route back to Canada but we will run out of time. We need to be back across the border before the 180 day limit. This is our planned route.

  1. Our starting point from Desert Shores in California.
  2. Eagle View RV Resort in Arizona for one night.
  3. Route 66 RV Resort in New Mexico for two nights.
  4. Oasis RV Resort in Texas for one night.
  5. Twin Fountains RV Resort in Oklahoma for one night.
  6. Ozark RV Resort in Arkansas for two nights.
  7. Sundermeiner RV Park in Missouri for one night.
  8. Elkhart Campground in Indiana for one night (not at the location shown on this map).

We were a bit stuck after stop 7 because of parks still being closed for the winter — even though we will be travelling through this area late April.

After our layover in Indiana, we will drive straight through to Toronto. It is roughly a 7 hour drive from Elkhart.

All in all, we have the southern leg pretty much all mapped out and confirmed.

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  1. Kenneth Gluckman
    Kenneth Gluckman says:

    One more thought. After this long trip you will likely need some repairs. If you are sure of your plans, make an appointment at Newmar right now (they book up fast) and plan on stopping in Nappanee rather than Elkhart.

  2. Marg
    Marg says:

    Bon voyage – see you for lunch in the Spring. We leave next Monday for our cruise -it’s been raining so looks like the Danube has water – thanks for doing the rain dance – it must have worked 😉😉😉😉

  3. Van (NoGas)
    Van (NoGas) says:

    Do you always go from one “resort” to the next? With that iteanrry and those blasts across what we call Fly-Over Country, it seems you’re missing out on some of the best RVing sites in the USA – ones at or in National Parks, State Parks, US Forest CG’s, BLM Dispersed Camping and even quickie Indian Casino “pit stops”. In our world an occasional motorcoach resort stay can be fun, but we could never imagine a steady diet of them.

    • Richard
      Richard says:

      In Canada, there are no motorcoach resorts so for us this is a new experience. Wish we had more time to travel through your beautiful country.

      On our next trip stateside in 2019/2020 we’ll try a different set of experiences!


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