Sticks and bricks (house)? Gone for the time being.

Part-time or full-time in the motorcoach? Full-time for the next while. Possibly for the next two years. And we’ll see how much fun we are having. The nice thing about being retired is that we can always change our mind.

Moving day into our coach? Tomorrow.

Packing? Yes. For the past few days. Almost done.

We have been putting items into our storage unit in preparation for moving into our coach tomorrow. The picture above looks like there are not that many items in the unit.

That’s the cool thing about horizontal crops.

The vertical crop below shows a few more odds and ends. I am still staggered by how much stuff we had accumulated over the past forty years. We went from roughly 7,000 square feet of stuff in a house to a 50 square foot storage unit and to a roughly 400 square foot motorcoach.

Much smaller footprint on life. Less stuff overall but after packing for the past few days, a surprisingly large amount of stuff is coming with us.

Hope it all fits in the coach.

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  1. Ryan Jeffrey
    Ryan Jeffrey says:

    Exciting times… but that’s such a sad picture! Guitars locked in cases and bikes up on wall mounts, all sealed away in a storage unit. It’s like seeing a bird trapped in a cage.

    • Richard
      Richard says:

      I have two guitars and one bike with me in our motorcoach. Could not part with the other guitars. Just not ready to let them go. Same with the Colnago EPQ bike that is hanging on the wall mount.

      I feel a little better knowing that they are still within reach if I need them for any reason 🙂


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