Moved In (Almost)

What a day!

We’ve been at it since 6am and we are calling it a night.

Here is what the move looked like after we had everything packed up and ready to go.

22 boxes. Computers, consoles, guitars, pedals, cameras, a bike and a bike trainer were also part of the move.

When I looked at all of the stuff we were taking with us, I did not think it would all fit.

We had rented a 10-foot box truck to do the move from Kingston to our coach — the coach was being serviced in Barrie, Ontario and we decided to make the move happen there as it was a bit more convenient.

Once the truck was packed, this is what it looked like:

Does not seem like very much stuff at all once everything was in the truck. That stuff should easily fit into a 40-foot coach.

There was enough stuff to keep us busy unboxing and organizing for the past five hours. And we are about halfway done.

I have the truck for another day so we will be using tomorrow to get our basement bays organized and complete the rest of the unboxing and organizing then.

I will definitely sleep well tonight.

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