You can make out my little office area on the right side of the coach.

Everything is just perfect, really.

Apple TV is playing some nice smooth jazz and the screens are running some beautiful screen savers.

My amazing golden retriever is laying right at my feet. All she wants in this world, besides food and affection, is to be at my side.

I miss Lorraine even though she has only been gone a few hours. I found out pretty much at the last minute that I would be doing not only the recording of a concert event in Guelph on Saturday, but also Front of House sound.

Only the concert organizers hadn’t really given too much thought to the equipment list.

I spent several hours this morning doing some last minute rentals. Lots of equipment was needed including some critical pieces back in our storage unit in Kingston.

Lorraine is making the 4-hour drive back there now. She will stay overnight at our son’s house and make her way back to the dealer tomorrow morning.

No rush really.

Our coach is going nowhere fast.

We had a few issues come up during our time here.

Several of them unexpected. Now keep in mind that our dealer has been terrific through all of this. Just a series of unexpected issues.

A punctured oil pan on our toad.

A sudden loss of heat and hot water.

And a broken awning.

A really broken awning.

The oil pan puncture was an accident. When the baseplate for the toad was getting installed, the dealer had the car up on the lift. When it was brought down, there was something directly underneath the oil pan that did not yield.

The oil pan should be replaced tomorrow along with a new grill piece so I am hoping to have our car back soon.

The heat and hot water seems to be working now. I hope it continues to work as we really do need this heating system functional.

Back in September of 2017 we experienced a failure of the Oasis heating system. ITR, the company that manufactures this system, spent several hours on the phone guiding me through some troubleshooting steps. Ultimately it came down to a bad pump which they later replaced for us. We were able to get hot water by exiting the coach, opening the bay door to the Oasis system, reaching up to the top of the distribution module and engaging a bypass rocker. Once finished with the hot water, we had to go back and turn off the bypass. Inconvenient but at least we had hot water. Fortunately it was very warm weather last September so the lack of a heating system was of no concern.

The coach went back into storage last October without resolving the Oasis issue. We brought it out of storage to the dealer in August. ITR sent the replacement pump later that month and it was installed by the dealer.

When the dealer replaced the pump, unfortunately they replaced the wrong one.

The system worked for a little while and then suddenly stopped working last night.

They re-replaced the pump. Hopefully they got the right one replaced this time.

And the awning?

Well, that was supposed to be a fairly straightforward fix. The coach has two awnings on the passenger side, mounted inside a casing that runs topside. It looked to me that the casing had loosened somewhat and overextended the top of the coach by an inch or so.

The casing was realigned and tightened however, when I extended the two awnings after that fix, there was something clearly amiss with the front awning. It did not extend fully and the awning was not taut.

Again, not a major issue. A few adjustments topside and the awning should be good.

But something very unusual happened on the way into the service bay.

The awning extended.

While the coach was in motion!

That is never supposed to happen.

When the ignition is engaged, the awning is supposed to be locked in place.

What happened next is not pretty.

The service person bringing the coach into the service bay was not aware that the awning was extending as he was moving.


We’re here for another week.

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