10 Days And Counting

We’ve called to let them know that we are still planning to use our site at Sherkston Shores. We’ll just be two weeks or more late arriving.

We were supposed to be at our staging site for our trip south in the Fort Erie area last Thursday. When we actually get to our staging site is anyone’s guess.

Some progress though. My car should be back today. The dealer assures me that all is fine with the car. And I hope that is the case.

I have an app on my iPhone that talks to my car. The car has its own modem and sends out messages about how it is feeling. And the car has been telling me that it has not been feeling all that well lately.

Multiple Vehicle Health Alerts were issued for the car. Not unusual I suppose. Losing all of the engine oil due to a punctured oil pan is bound to make any vehicle a tad unwell.

Everything is apparently back in order with the car. I’ll find out later today.

The site we have is very nice. Quiet, private and well landscaped so we really are not suffering here at all.

Which is a good thing. Newmar, Girard (manufacturer of the awning) and the dealer are still working out what to do with the unintended exodus of the awning while the coach was in motion.

It looks like they will replace everything. That might take another week by the time the parts arrive and the dealer gets the new parts installed.

Thank heavens the awning did not extend while we were driving the coach. That would not have been a good thing.

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