Death Valley. In California.

It was the end of February when I took this image. Not quite as hot then. But still a uniquely inhospitable place. No vegetation really. Dry, dusty although water does occasionally find its way into this area.

Being stranded in a place like this would be very challenging especially during the summer months where the temperatures can reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Being stranded in our coach at a dealership near a major town is not very challenging.

Inconvenient? Yes.

Frustrating? Certainly.

We had much different plans for the Thanksgiving weekend when we first got underway a few weeks back. Those plans obviously changed.

We have family in nearby Toronto and they extended an invitation to Lorraine and myself, along with our son, to a Thanksgiving dinner at their home last night.

These are amazing people and they have played such a big role in our lives over the years and they continue to do so with our children. It was an absolute delight to get together with them and to enjoy a wonderful turkey dinner. It was wonderful to get together with our youngest son.

Important to start each day being thankful.

Thankful for faith, family and good health.

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