There is our coach with both awnings intact and operating perfectly.

The only problem? That was last year. This year, during a service call, the dealer had an accident with our coach and damaged our front awning. The awning inexplicably deployed while the coach was in motion and the awning impacted the service building as the coach was being brought into a service bay.

This is the start of week four at the dealership. We were only supposed to be here for two days.

Discussions took place between Newmar, the builder of our coach, Girard, the manufacturer of our awnings and our dealer. It was agreed that Newmar would cover the expense associated with resolving the issue. Thank you Newmar. And a course of action was agreed upon by those three parties.

We only just found out the timeline yesterday.

October 24th.

Two weeks from today.

That is when the parts will arrive at the dealer. Assuming, of course, that they arrive on time at Newmar. Newmar is expected to receive the parts from Girard on the 20th. Newmar will then forward the shipment to the dealer.

Not sure why the parts are not coming direct from Girard to the dealer but there it is.

Two days to install if everything goes smoothly.

This brings us very close to our planned crossing of the border on November 1st.

It is also very close to the onset of winter conditions in this part of Ontario.

Temperatures should stay above freezing for the next two weeks. We could lose access to water in our coach if the temperatures go below freezing for any length of time. The campgrounds in this area close this weekend and shut off their water lines because of the potential for freezing temperatures at this time of year. We could boondock from our fresh water tank for a few days and I do have tank heaters to protect the coach from freezing temperatures but I would rather avoid all of that fun if possible.

We do have the option of going to our site in Sherkston Shores for the next ten to twelve days. We would incur a fairly hefty fuel cost to go back and forth.

We are in a meeting with the service manager later this morning to review the situation.

Not sure what to do right now.

Regardless, we are at least two more weeks before we get the issue resolved.

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