Haven’t Seen This Before

We picked up our jacks and made our way down to Sherkston Shores. I’ll have more to share about our journey tomorrow.

Today we have been enjoying a leisurely Sunday. Went to a church in St. Catherines this morning. A little bit of grocery shopping after the church service. And then a nice lunch in our coach.

While eating said lunch, from out the window of our coach, I see a Porsche Cayenne pull up. A family walks out of the car and they proceed to walk right up to our site.

And then they started taking pictures of themselves in front of our coach. Not just one or two mind you. They were there for about ten minutes taking all sorts of photos.

Naturally, I went outside to introduce myself.

“Is it okay if we have some pictures with your bus?” the father asked.

Since they had been doing so already, I was hard pressed to respond negatively to his request.

“Certainly.” I replied.

“Nice bus!” he proclaimed.

And then they took another dozen or so photos of themselves in front of our coach, hopped into their Porsche and went on their way.

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